Buen Camino!!! The Journey of a Father and his Sons.

Buen Camino!!!

This is a phrase I need to get used to very soon!

So the Journey is about to start – the journey? What journey?

About three years ago my brother said that for his 40th birthday he wants to do the Camino.  I was like wtf is the Camino? And so started the research in seeing what is this thing called the Camino.

It caught my attention very quickly and so the wheels were set in motion.  In short, the Camino is a pilgrimage where people walk from France (Saint Jean Pied de Port) to Santiago de Compestalla which is roughly 800km

There is lots more to it – that is the basic understanding of it.  But to walk 800km would take roughly 36 days and I found out that you can do this on bicycles as well – this option became more my liking as it meant we could really make more of this trip than just the walk.

As my brother has never traveled outside of South Africa – bicycles were the better option so we could make the most of things.  Spend some time in France, visit Spain, go to Scotland on the way home and pop into London.

What made this whole adventure even more special is that our dad decided to join us – so this trip will include my brother, John, my father Len and to add a bit more spice to the trip, one of my best mates Sergio.

This journey starts on the 3rd April 2015 – and I won’t go into detail on the planning of this – we will start from the journey and I will try and update the blog as we go alone and add some photo’s and how the experience has been.

So to prepare you – if you are reading this – make sure you have a really strong cup of coffee as I am pretty sure I will be putting you to sleep as a writer – I am not. As a story teller, I am not.I don’t even know how to use this blog page but I am sure we will figure it out very quickly

The updates will arrive when and where I feel time to do so.  Hopefully, if you are reading this – you don’t feel that you have wasted time in your life in doing so.

Until next time Buen Camino!


2 thoughts on “Buen Camino!!! The Journey of a Father and his Sons.

  1. ann Warburton says:

    Hope you guys have a fantastic time just what’s app me if you want money on your phone’s. See you soon love Ann and Arnold xxx


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