The Journey


Ok, so as I said previously – don’t expect some fantastic writing – shit is just going to happen.

So the Journey is not just going to be cycling the Camino, it is going to involve having fun and touring a bit as well.  So here is the plan:

  • 4th April 2015 – Arrive in Paris, France
    • Spend a couple of days here
  • 6th April 2015 – Fly to Biarritz, grab a taxi and head on over to St Jean Pied de Port
  • 7th April 2015 – Hopefully receive the bikes (in theory, the plan is to have the bikes waiting for us in our hotel room when we get there in the evening of the 6th)
    • Sight see St Jean Pied de Port and visit the Pilgrims office
  • 8th April 2015 – Buen Camino!!! and off we go
  • 23rd April 2015 – Arrive in Santiago
  • 24th April 2015 – Go to Almeria and visit Uncle Cecil
  • 26th April 2015 – Head over to Valencia vicinity and visit Aunty Ann and Arnold
  • 27th April 2015 – Off to Barcelona we go
  • 29th April 2015 – Fly to Edinburgh
  • 30th April 2015 – Visit the Scots side of the family in Laurencekirk
  • 1 May 2015 – Go back to Edinburgh and figure out how to get to London
  • 5 May 2015 – Fly back to South Africa
  • 6 May 2015 – Hello  South Africa
  • 7 May 2015 – Happy Birthday to me!!!

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