3 April – Cont … Flight to France

Ok, so at first I had these great (in my mind) stories to tell … but two days later … my age … stories forgotten … so the next couple of posts will be mainly of photos … unless I remember what I wanted to talk about …

So as this post says .. it is the continuation of 3 April 2015 – the flight to France ..

John and Dad arrive at OR Thambo

John Dad OR Thambo arrival

Premium Lounge

John relaxing
John relaxing in premier lounge

Ashley and Dad relaxing
Ash and Dad Premier Lounge

Dad watching cycling in Premium lounge

Dad watcing cycling

Waiting to board the Plane

John Dad Waiting to board Air France

There is our plane

 On The Plane

Got our seats

Excited Much???

Excited Much

Beef or Fish?

Beef or Fish

John putting his boarding school skills to the test

John masterpiece

Time to watch movies – are we there yet?

Watching movies on board

Not much sleeping was done – and all the crying babies didn’t help either – but the flight was good, movie selection was good and the hosts and hostesses were all friendly


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