4 April 2015 – Arrive in Paris

After a nice long flight – we finally touch down in Paris.  All I can say … it was cold!!!

Just messing about – walking towards baggage and passport control .. we walked and walked and walked – ok, there were a lot of escalators …

Just Messing

Waiting for the train to take us to passport control and baggage collection

Waiting Train to Baggage

John getting through Passport control

John Passport Control

Dad getting through Passport control

Dad France Passport Control

Got the bags

Got the bags

After being dropped off at the Arc de Triomph – ripping the plastic off our bags so we can go find the hotel

Dropped off - removing plastic wrapping

Hotel Cecilia – after walking for about an hour to find the hotel … which was less than 2 minutes away from where we were dropped off *sigh*

Outside Hotel Cecilia


One thought on “4 April 2015 – Arrive in Paris

  1. Nicky says:

    Love the change from t-shirt to marshmellow men once you hit Paris open air! Little bit colder than you are used to perhaps?? 🙂


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