6 and 7 April 2015 – St Jean Pier de Port

So it has been a few days since I have been on the blog – it has been a rough couple of days and hopefully going forward, things might be looking easier – but I don’t want to jinx it so I will see how far I can get by updating the blogs day by day.

It has also given me a chance to calm down since day one – the day from hell but we will get to that later.

So I will carry on with updates from arriving to Biarritz and St Jean Pied de Port.

Our flight from Paris to St Jean Pied de Port – same look and feel as South Africa’s Mango or Kulula.  Brother looking so stoked to get going – if only he knew


My brother from another mother – haven’t seen this guy in years!!! It was really good to see my ol Pal Serg again!!!


Our taxi service – Caroline was there to meet us at the airport and drive us to St Jean Pied de Port – she was also transferring our extra luggage to Santiago.  Arrival date for the 17th April (I think we are overly positive now)


Saint Jean Pied de Port!!


The Hotel


Various pics from the town:





Outside the Pilgrims Office


The Bikes arrive:


And we thought we were good to go.  We got the bags packed, we even took the bikes for a test drive and my initial look over of the bikes seemed to be ok but as the day went on we realized that the bikes were not up to par.

John’s bike’s tyres are pretty smooth – they don’t look it at first hand but as you look and ride his bike, you come to the realization that they aren’t up to par.

We asked for toe clips for all the bikes – no toe clips came with the bikes so we had to buy our own.

Sergio was the most unfortunate.  When we spun his front wheel it looked buckled, when we went to the bike store to get it checked out – the tyre was damaged and he had to get a new one.

That wasn’t even the worst of it, as the bike mechanic was working on his bike he noticed something and checked it out – Sergio didn’t have any brakes – they were down to the metal already – so we had to put on new brakes.

When I called Bike Iberia to explain the tyre and the wheel – I was told it was an optical illusion due to the white stripe on the tyre – the funny thing is, the white stripe is on John’s bike, not Sergio’s – so it is amazing how another bike sends off the optical illusion to another bike.

I eventually, after arguing with the guy who told me often enough that they are bikers and this isn’t making sense, I gave the phone to the bike mechanic.

Sergio watching his bike getting sorted:


The rest working and setting things up:



Finally – bikes are locked and loaded:



All done and we are ready to go.


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